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Oh, hi. I live.

Sooooooooooooo.... I majorly fell out of this hobby. >_> All my doll friends had moved away or also lost interest in their dolls and I have zero ties to the local BJD community now (seriously, I haven't been to a doll meet in almost a decade after previous drama with the group)... BUT, Zaely is back in town for at least a little while and reminded me that yes, I still own dolls and I probably shouldn't neglect them so much.

I've been lurking on DoA for a week or so now... and could very easily drop $300 on Angell-Studio just for new outfits for Mel. I won't, at least for now, but I COULD.

So, um, yeah. I'm still alive and stuff. I still have all my dolls. They've been in their boxes in a junk closet since we moved last October.

Actual updates to come later perhaps. :3

I'm in love with a zombie ~ <3

New pictures of Mel, my Angell Studio Baron Samedi. His outfit finally arrived. :D

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Love this doll so much. Even with the missing mandible! HATERS GONNA HATE.


*tap tap tap*

... Did I leave this thing on? Ahaha... ha... ha. HI THERE! :D

So since Zaely demands I update my doll journal, here I am. I recently got a new doll (yay!)... but I don't have any super amazing photos of him yet because his outfit has yet to arrive... buuut... I guess there's no harm in re-posting my badly taken camera phone/tablet phone box opening photos here. :)

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So as you can see, he's an Angell Studio Baron Samedi SP. Love him to bits! Oh, and his name is Melchiorre Irenio. He's a Duke. :D

And also for Zaely, because she doesn't remember Hikaru's "new" faceup (not really new... it's from 2 years ago), here's a quick and crappy patio shot. I'd really like to get him a new wig, and an outfit that is actually his own and not bits and pieces that are Edan's & Dagan's. Trufax.

The Cutie Delf Mary is back...

zaely is temporarily leaving the hobby... so she returned the doll that my mother and I gifted to her. Buuuut... my mother and I both agree that the doll is hers, so we're just babysitting for the time being.

ANYWHO. Since I haven't taken any doll photos since the Suns lost the playoffs in May (T___T I had such hope!)... I decided to take a couple quick shots of my lovely house guest, Avonlea.

It has been rainy the past couple days, so instead of taking her down the grassy area in front of my apartment, I just grabbed an old afghan and draped it over our balcony wall.

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I still like the Cutie Delf Cory better... but Zaely put a lot of love into Avonlea, and it shows. <3 <3



Game 6 tonight!! Come on Suns... KICK LA'S ASS!

Hoodie from a teddy bear found at CVS. 8D

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More Yasmin.

I took these the same day she came, but was being a lazy ass about uploading them.

Yasmin raids January's wardrobe.Collapse )

I took a lot more, but those are the best of the bunch.


Yasmin's Homecomming!

So the dollie I ordered back in JANUARY arrived today. :D So now it's time for box opening photos. Huzzah!

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Rio Salado Doll Meet

I use the term "doll meet" loosely... because it was really just my usual group of doll dorks and radiotrash. X3 But it was a lot of fun. I had a few brief moments of very ungraceful butt scootching down some rocks (that thankfully only Zaely really saw and NOBODY got photos/video of)... and random treking around to get a scenic spot for dollie pics. So yeah. I teased Zaely a little... but I did have a very awesome time. <3

Photos from today... not a whole lot of good dollie pics, but some.Collapse )

Hikaru ~ new and improved!

Last year tasu yoinked Hikaru away from me so she could finish and outfit she started for him. The outfit never actually got finished... but something far more amazing happened to him... she sent him off for a new faceup! I don't think I've ever been more in love with Hikaru.


My crappy photography doesn't do him justice... but have some more anyways.Collapse )

So much love. :3

Time to make new icons, I think!